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It is our mission to protect your assets and strengthen your business.

So you can venture into a new world where no one else sees the opportunity.

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Property Developers

Property Developers

Land, Construction, Sale, Finance, Mortgage, Permit, Lease and on and on and on …

Big or Small, there are always so many things happening in a development.

At BLUE K LAWYERS, we understand timing and cash flow is everything for you.

It is why, we take care of ALL the legal issues at different stages, so you can focus on what you do the best!


You know your products and services are the key to success.

But what about Business Structures, Shares, TrustsContracts, Deeds, Retail Leases, Trademarks, Loans, Debt Recovery?

If you have a question in business, we have an answer for you!



From dreams to plans, from plans to actions. But now you faces the invisible wall of Australia, the VISA.

Yes, it is very frustrating and stressful.

But you deserve a clear answer.

Whether it is a new Visa Application or a Review at the AAT or even at the High Court of Australia, with our deep understanding of the ever changing Migration Law and regulation, BLUE K LAWYERS will give you that answer so that you can go on to chase your dream.

Professional, Dedication, Focus

Every case, every matter and every client are all different.

We always take time to listen carefully, think thoroughly and research deeply, before we execute a solution that works best for you.

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Care, Intelligence, Persistence

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.”

– Richard Branson

Mistakes can and do happen. It is crucial that you are fully prepared and react quickly.

At BLUE K LAWYERS, we always stand by your side at the most challenging times.

Together, we walk pass the hell, success is right around the corner.

Care, Intelligence, Persistence

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